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[Beautiful+Lips.jpg]Pictures have become famous for it, songs have been written about it, and commercials on TV tell how to get it. Your smile can make a big difference in your appearance. A pleasant disposition with a pleasing continence can make up for any number of beauty flaws. But you mustn't stop there. A big smile can make you look positively beautiful.

Your smile has two components: teeth and lips. The biggest improvement you can make to your appearance is making sure your teeth are white. This has never been easier than it is today. Tooth color is genetic. Some people are just born with yellow tinted teeth. By avoiding certain foods and beverages, such as coffee, red wine, and tea, you can keep teeth whiter. Any foods that stain your clothes will stain your teeth. If your teeth have become discolored, you will be surprised at the results of teeth whitening. The procedure can be undertaken at home or at your dentist's office. The home products are reasonably priced, but require some discipline for about three weeks to apply the whitener, to avoid eating after it is on, and to remove it in the morning. Dentists can perform various teeth whitening procedures that usually cost about $500 and are not covered by insurance, but produce quick results in a visit or two. Read more after the break...

Lips should look inviting and kissable. Take good care of them by making sure there is no dead skin on them, and regularly maintain them with vitamin E or balm to make them look polished and soft.
· Matte lipstick is strong on color without shine but can be drying and look dull. If you like the matte look, get a good expensive lipstick. This is one time where cheap isn't better.
· Crème – nice color without shininess and more moisturizing than matte
· Glossy – the least drying

Lip shape tricks:
· Lips too full? Avoid strong colors or you'll look like Ronald McDonald. Tone down the color with soft sheer hues and no lip liner. Also, play up your eyes to draw away from or balance out your full lips.
· Lips too thin? Strong colors will just emphasize their thinness. Instead, use light, sheer colors. Never use lip liner outside the natural lip line to try and fake bigger lips. You'll just end up looking like a clown.
· Crooked lips? Gently use your lip liner to even them out.

Lip color depends on your skin tone as well as your clothing colors:
· Best lip colors for fair skin: pales
· Best lip colors for medium skin: deeper colors
· Best lip colors for olive and yellow skin: browns and plums
· Best lip colors for dark skin: dark red, beiges and berry colors
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